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At Fistler Chiropractic, Dr. Fistler will utilize many of the techniques that he was taught  at Palmer College and other seminars that he attended, to correct spinal and extremity  misalignments. The techniques that Dr. Fistler utilizes most are Gonstead, Diversified, Drop, and Flexion-Distraction.

Electric Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation is a modality that Dr. Fistler uses in practice to help reduce muscle spasm. Reducing muscle spasms can help relax the patient resulting in an easier adjustment and help patients hold their adjustments longer.

Physical Exams

Dr. Fistler is certified to perform pre-participation sports physicals and pre-employment physicals.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is a very commonly used therapy that uses high frequency sound waves to stimulate the soft tissues beneath the skin. Ultrasound can be used to help promote tissue healing, reduce swelling, and reduce muscle spasm.

Extremity Adjusting

Many people do not know that chiropractors can adjust shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles, etc. If you are having pain, tingling, or numbness in an extremity, make sure you let us know during your visit so that we can evaluate it. Adjusting an extremity can help restore normal joint mechanics and reduce tension.

Nutritional Counseling

Sometimes patients need guidance with nutrition to help with weight loss and overall general wellness. There is an overwhelming amount of over the counter vitamins and supplements available. It can be difficult to decide what is real and what is fake. We can help steer you in the right direction to help you become healthier and increase you quality of life.

Biofreeze Professional

Fistler Chiropractic is a certified reseller of Biofreeze Professional. Biofreeze is the #1 clinically recommended topical pain reliever. Biofreeze uses the cooling effects of menthol to help soothe muscle and joint pain. Biofreeze Professional lasts up to 36% longer and has a smoother consistency than the regular Biofreeze formula. Biofreeze Professional is available at our office and you don’t have to be a patient to purchase a bottle.

Custom Orthotic Fitting

Custom orthotics can help keep the pelvis stabilized and balance your foundation which in turn can help reduce low back pain. Here at Fistler Chiropractic, we can take a mold of your foot and send it to a company to make an orthotic that is specifically designed for your foot.